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Sofia De Benedictis

vincitore premio talent

Sofia De Benedictis, through her work “Kerigma”, explores the social role of the religious movement called Neocatechumenal Way, in a period of great social change. This organization is a spiritual path that operates within the Catholic Church through the renewal of baptism and catechesis for adults. Her portfolio - awarded last year - will be exhibited in Palazzo Trinci during Umbria World Fest’ 2017 and it is visible on this site following the link Exhibition/Prize.


Sofia De Benedictis is a photographer, based in Rome. She attended a storytelling course at the Luz Academy in Milan, as well as a workshop at PWNY in New York. She stayed at Factory Art Space in Bushwick, New York to work on a project


Opening time
From Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00/13.00 -15.00/19.00
Closed Monday

Extraordinary Opening Friday13, free entry
UWF Reduced Ticket € 4.00


Uses gmaps to reach the exhibitions

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