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Umbria World Fest is a project designed and realized by the Plata Cultural Association.
Platea was founded in 2003 in Foligno by Piter Foglietta and Massimo Liberatori to realize the project CantieDiscanti, one of the first and most important ethnic and popular music festivals in Italy, an experience that saw the participation of the most important national and international artists of the sector .
The artistic direction of the Festival since 2005 is curated by Piter Foglietta
In 2006, the Presidency was entrusted to Michela Matarazzi.
In 2007 Plátea realized another important project with the restoration and the museumization of the Mural of Chile in Via Nazzario Sauro in Foligno, realized by the Chilean exile Josè Balmes, one of the most important Chilean painters, a work that has brought the applause and recognition of the President Of the Republic to the association itself.
In 2013 a new heir project of CantieDiscanti, Umbria World Fest, was born, with a definitive opening to photography, while maintaining an important musical session. Also in the same year the Portoflio Umbria Photo Fest Prize was born.
In 2014 there is a new change at the top with the entrance of Michelangelo Augusto Spadoni.
Since 2015, Artistic Directorship has been entrusted to Marco Pinna Photoeditor of National Geographic Italia.
2016 saw another important acknowledgment with the Patronage for Umbria World Fest of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities


We are so many and everyone with a great desire to treat the photographic image in all its forms
UWF President
Music Art Direction
President Plàtea
Uwf web, media and technologies
Art Direction Photography
President of UPF Prize Jury
Artistic Consultation
UWF Communication Manager
Mediapartners and special projects

Umbria Photo Fest Award Officer

Umbria Photo Fest Prize Coordination
Umbria Photo Fest Prize Coordination

Umbria Photo Fest Prize Coordination

Meet Coordination

Meet Coordination

Support project activities

Logistics and hospitality

Coordinated image and graphics

Progetto Picwant

Alternanza Scuola/Lavoro

Photographic laboratories

Communication Assistant

Progetto Picwant

Technical Coordination Palazzo Candiotti



Make art not wall part3

Official Photographer 2017

Prize Coordination

Master of Foligno

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