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Antonio Faccilongo

Overall Winner of Umbria Photo Fest Porfolio Prize 2016

Antonio Faccilongo, through his work “Habibi”, documents the story of Palestinian prisoners’ wives: husbands - who have been given long sentences in Israeli jails - smuggle their sperm to their wives in order to conceive children. Antonio Faccilongo is a documentary photographer, based in Rome. After his degree in communications science, he obtained a Master in photojournalism.


He completed his training with workshops and seminars held by experts. His portfolio – awarded last year - will be exhibited in Palazzo Trinci during Umbria World Fest’ 2017 and it is visible on this site following the link Exhibition/Prize.


Opening time
From Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00/13.00 -15.00/19.00
Closed Monday

Extraordinary Opening Friday13, free entry
UWF Reduced Ticket € 4.00


Uses gmaps to reach the exhibitions

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