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Confluence of music and photography

by Piter Foglietta
Artistic Director of UWF Music

This year the confluence of music and photography will be a tangible union: two extraordinary soloists will perform in Palazzo Trinci, having as their setting the UWF exhibition installations.
Post-truth theme affects musical traditions as well, since today it is so hard to detect the geographic and genre origins of music, due to its open and free circulation.
We are facing a perpetual and nonstop confluence and fusion, so that every sound belongs to any place and no place at the same time.
We move from the Sicilian dialect of Cesare Basile, who talks about his town Catania by using blues and Saharan musical roots, to Babylon Beat Project alias Nabil Bey (vocalist and songwriter of Radiodevrish), who waves together classical Arab music with more modern Western sounds.
A con-fusion that fuses together places and identities, developing a new musical geography, each time different.


DJ Bey BABYLON BEAT PROJECT will open the sound exhibitions, with a journey of sounds and vibrations, able to create incredible musical landscapes, combining the new rhythms and melodies of Arabian Pop, Dance, Underground, Indie, Techno and Hip Hop music – played in Middle Eastern dancing clubs.

A unique fusion of sounds coming from the East world that has always crossed the borders of the Mediterranean, in every sense of the word, to nourish the Western imaginary and to be nourished by it, producing poetic, literary, mythological and musical landscapes rich in classic Mediterranean flavours that have been part of the history of humanity for thousands of years..

FRIDAY, 13 OCTOBER 2017 - 09.00 p.m.
free entrance

U fujutu su nesci chi fa

The second guest will be Cesare Basile. The sound of his album “u fujutu su nesci chi fa” creates an original musical flow: it is a Mediterranean mantra made up of blues and African music, hypnotic songs often consisting of a single chord, vocal polyphonies and female counterparts, obsessive percussive polyrhythms.
“U Fujutu” is the idiot of Sicilian tarot cards. He is in the centre of the image on the cover, or evoked by the title of the album, not an obscure presence at all, standing in the middle of the eternal struggle between good and evil. An archetype of memory and archaic tradition, an upstream evocation in an era in which rationality is strongly recommended. According to Cesare Basile, U Fujutu is a circle that remains open, the card to be drawn to talk about Sicily and Catania.

SATURDAY 14 OCTOBER 2017 - 09.00 p.m.
free entrance

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