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Glaciers, a photographic evidence

Glaciers are considered indicators of climate change: when they extend, temperatures are getting lower; when they retreat, temperatures are on the rise. Normally, these changes take place on a geological time scale, over hundreds, or even thousands of years. Today, however, we are experiencing glacier thaw throughout our lifetimes: we can observe glaciers retreating noticeably in few decades. According to data provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ice thickness around the world has decreased on average by 30 meters since 1945.

There are many and clear and indisputable examples, from the Alps to the Himalayas, from Alaska to Antarctica. Glaciers are melting almost everywhere.

The reason is quite simple: temperatures are rising, probably also due to greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans.

Global warming is an ascertained fact proven by scientists throughout the world. These photographs collected by NASA and other government agencies, shot in different years in the same locations, prove beyond any doubt that global warming is a reality.


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